Our Team

Dashboard Simulations was founded and is led by Ken Thompson who has been designing simulations for twenty years and has authored two highly regarded books on high-performing teams and effective collaboration:

  • BIOTEAMS “How to create high performance teams and virtual groups based on nature’s most successful designs” (MK Press 2008)
  • THE NETWORKED ENTERPRISE “Competing for the future through Virtual Enterprise Networks” (MK Press 2008)

Ken blogs at and can also be found on twitter and linkedIN.

We have a small team of permanent staff plus a network of experienced partners and associates who deliver and facilitate our simulations for customers (Check out our Partners Page).

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Dashboard’s unique approach guarantees a transformative learning experience for managers and leaders in organisations by operating in the sweetspot of 3 powerful learning techniques:

  • Informal Learning
  • Game-based Learning
  • Business Simulation Games

To explore how this works and the supporting research just mouse-over the different areas of the diagram below:

Dashboard Learning is Strongly Facilitated around Team Conversations with support from Business Experts Dashboard Learning uses Model Templates and KPI Dashboards, populated with organisational data/terminology and underpinned with real scenarios and dilemmas Game-Based Learning / Gamification makes people engage more [Ref2], learn/retain more[Ref3] and change behaviour better[Ref4]. Business Simulations are more effective than case studies[Ref5], best if using real data[Ref5], improve learning[Ref6] and require skilled facilitation[Ref7].      Dashboard Simulations synergizes these 3 disciplines in a structured & tested way Dashboard Learning is Collaborative within your own team but Competitive with the other teams in an environment of constant Pressure on Time and Results. Informal Learning Accounts for 70-95% of all learning [Ref1] whereas Traditional (Formal)  Learning is only 5-30% effective [Ref1].