NEW Stakeholder Analysis Tool for Change Management Projects

by Ken Thompson, 23 April 2018

We have launched a cool web-based app for Stakeholder Analysis which is integrates into both our COHORT (Change Management) and CHAPTER (High Performing Teams) simulations.

A standalone on-line version of the Stakeholder Analysis App is also FREELY available for use with Change Management projects in your own organization.

 Stakeholder Analysis 101

Stakeholder Analysis or Stakeholder Mapping is a simple technique which should be used at the beginning of major programmes involving any kind of significant change. Stakeholder Mapping allows you to analyse the key "Stakeholders" (i.e. Actors) who might either be impacted by or have an interest in the programme. The purpose of such an exercise is to help you identify who you need to influence, in what way and when (relative priority).

Stakeholder Mapping allows you to construct a simple 3x3 matrix showing Influence (Organizational or Social) on one axis and the Stakeholder's Attitude (Supporter, Neutral or Opponent) on the other axis. Organisational Influence is power due to a person’s formal authority, such as their position in an Organisation.

Social Influence is power due to a person’s informal authority and is usually a combination of their reputation and the extent of their social network. You are usually looking to find stakeholders with good reputation AND good social reach rather than those just with good reputation (e.g. a very knowledgeable person or guru or maven or nerd) OR those with just strong social networks (e.g. a socialite or chatterbox).

In terms of assessing Attitude you are looking for the person’s attitude to the upcoming programme NOT to you personally. This other dimension, the Stakeholder's Relationship with you or your team, can be represented as an optional 3rd Dimension on the Stakeholder Map by classifing each Relationship you have with a Stakeholder as either Strong, Neutral/Unknown or Weak.

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