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'Out of the box', 'ready to run' Business Simulation Games with full documentation and facilitator training.

High Performing Teams Simulation

A High Performing Team Business Game which develops change management and team process improvement skills as you try to win the confidence of your new team members and help them operate as a high performing team.

Team Leadership Simulation

A Team Management Business Game to develop team leadership and project scheduling skills as you allocate work to your team whilst managing all the people and team challenges including capabilities, motivations and other issues.

Change Management Simulation

A Change Business Game which develops influencing skills and understanding of organizational and reputational power as you try to win the support of key stakeholders essential to the success of your major change project.

Innovation Rollout and Large-Scale Change Simulation

The Spread Simulation lets teams "what-if" the effect of different initiatives for spreading any kind of innovation or change within a community. Typical Spread uses include New Product Launch within external customer communities or New Process/System Roll-out within internal organizational communities. After a group has played Spread to prepare for an upcoming major rollout they understand much more clearly what is really involved so they are better equipped to envisage it, plan it, identify the key risks and manage more effectively when the unexpected happens because they have already simulated it!

Business Acumen Simulation

A Business Acumen Simulation Game which helps you develop team business leadership skills in your role as a key member of the executive leadership team of a highly successful global Real-Time Entertainment business - NetBox.

Team Competition Simulation

A Team Strategy Business Game using a novel soccer champions league format, enables teams to learn how Leadership, Teamwork, Game Theory, Negotiation Skills and Reputation Management can bring success in High-Stakes situations.

Team Collaboration Simulation

A Resource Management Simulation Game which uses a 4-team shared resourcing pool scenario to explore negotiation skills and the tensions between Co-operation and Competition inside any organisation (silo-thinking).

Business Strategy Simulation

A Strategy Execution Simulation Game to develop Business Acumen, Teamwork and Negotiation skills as 4 teams compete in real-time on pricing, market development, business strategy and strategy execution. 

Virtual Community Building

Explore the challenges and dilemmas in trying to set up successful online or virtual communities in organizations.

Simulation Models

A comprehensive set of sims developed for a specific industry – can provide a 'Quickstart' for specific client needs.

Visual Team Leaderboard

Leaderboard is a visual team leaderboard used at the end of each sim round to capture and display the scores for each team playing a Business Simulation.

Retail Fashion/Supplier Management

Catwalk is a Retail Fashion Business Simulation which allows participants to be the executive team running a major designer fashion brand.

Convenience Store

Manage is a Unit Management Business Simulation which allows participants to be the management team of an autonomous business unit (e.g. a convenience store, department or service centre).

Hospitality/Hotel Industry

Guests is a Hospitality Industry Business Simulation which allows participants to be the leadership team of a cruise ship.

Automotive Industry

Autoplay is an Automotive Industry Business Simulation which allows participants to be the leadership team of a major automobile manufacturer.


Pharmer is a Pharma/Medical Devices Industry Business Simulation which allows participants to be the leadership team of a global pharma/medical devices manufacturer.

Major Projects/Technology

Play-IT is a Technology Industry Business Simulation which allows participants to be the leadership team of the internal IT function of a global software manufacturer.

Risk Management

Storm is an Operational Risk Management Business Simulation which allows participants to react to a stream of changes in Key Risk Drivers across a number of Key Risk Areas.

Economic Development

EconoMix is a family of 3 Economic Development Business Simulations for exploring the decisions, policies and investments involved in developing regional economies.

Supply Chain B2B

Commodity is a Supply Chain Business Simulation which allows participants to be the executive team running a major B2B manufacturing brand.

Sales Process Optimization

Spotlight is Sales Optimization Business Simulation which allows participants to “what-if” different strategies for optimizing the performance of their sales operation.

Social Media Optimization

Sombrero is Social Media Optimization Business Simulation which allows teams to collaboratively plan a major multi-channel multi-media social campaign

Lean Manufacturing

The Lean Business Simulation enhances traditional lean manufacturing training games (e.g. using lego models) by instantly transforming the results into Company Profit & Loss reports.

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