Unit Management – Business Simulation

  • Do business units struggle to keep up with the best practices of the top units?
  • Do support staff sometimes lack practical understanding of your key operational imperatives?

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Manage™ is a Unit Management Simulation Game which allows participants to be a key member of the management team of an autonomous business unit (e.g. a store, department or service centre) over multiple accounting periods.Unit Management

Key Simulation Facts

  • Audience: Leaders, Managers and other staff at all levels
  • Length: Full-day
  • Typical Group Size: 12-20

Core Skill Areas

  1. Managing your service levels across a range of business aspects via key performance indicators
  2. Maximising your financial performance each month and for the full duration of the simulation
  3. Using good judgement in moving resources from one business aspect to another as required


The simulation can be totally customised to the Branding, Products, Terminology, Business Rules and Reporting Structures of the Organisation. It can also be calibrated with Live Data and Business Scenarios.

Special Features

  • Live Internal Issues and External Events Message boards
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • “Test Decisions before Submit” Option
  • Action Replay Facility
  • Full Facilitation Materials & Manual