Sales Optimizer – Business Simulation

  • Is your sales team resisting all efforts to increase targets to meet market growth forecasts?
  • Does all attempts to introduce improvement and innovation into sales go nowhere?

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Spotlight™ is Sales Optimization Simulation which allows participants to “what-if” different strategies for optimizing the performance of their entire sales operation in a team-based workshop using your sales pipeline data.Sales OptimizerKey Simulation Facts

  • Audience: All Levels of Sales Staff
  • Length: Half-day
  • Typical Group Size: 12-20

Core Skill Areas

  1. Understanding the most critical KPIs in your organisational sales process
  2. Identifying current leakages, blockages and the potential if fixed
  3. Understanding the importance of opportunity recycling including deferred prospects, lost bids and former customers


The simulation can be totally customised for the Sales Process, Data, and Terminology, of the Organisation.

Special Features

  • Can be used for both “Live Data Games” and Group What-if Planning
  • Uses a comprehensive model of the enterprise sales process
  • Import from Excel and full Excel reporting suite with charts
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • Web or Desktop Delivery
  • Full Facilitation Materials & Manual