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Pulse is a cross-device Survey App that can be used to enhance any group learning event.

Pulse allows you to add one or more real-time Quizzes/Surveys before, during or after any group activity with the results shown in real-time.

Pulse sessions can be completed at a team or individual level and can support up to 100 concurrent devices.

Pulse Quiz Questions

Typical Pulse uses include judgement questions during a scenario exercise and feedback / reflection / value questions at the end of a team game or business simulation.

Instant real-time analysis provides leaderboards and detailed question response analysis.

Pulse Leaderboard

Pulse provides features which are NOT available on popular quiz and survey apps.

Quiz apps, such as Kahoot, do not support response weighting’s as they only allow right or wrong answers. Survey apps, such as SurveyMonkey, do not support real-Time leaderboards.

Pulse Analysis

Pulse simply requires users to click on a weblink - no software needs to be downloaded or installed.

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Special Features

  • Answer weighting
  • Real-Time Leaderboard & Analysis
  • Cross-Device support
  • Custom Colours and Branding

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