Case Study: Business Simulation allows Convenience Store Managers to trade for 4 months in a single day!

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Background to the Customer:
SPAR is a major convenience store group located across UK, Ireland and Europe. The retailer puts a strong emphasises on providing excellent customer service, choice and value to allow a more convenient shopping experience closer to home. They also feel strongly about supporting local suppliers and the local community.

Customer Needs
As a result of a detailed discussion with senior leaders from The Henderson Group who operate the SPAR Franchise for Northern Ireland, it was established that store managers needed to spend more time developing their people to retain the best staff and to focus more on customer service to retain their loyal customers.

The Solution
The chosen solution was MANAGE, a Business Unit Management Simulation, which allows participants to experience managing a convenience store over a 4 month period.

The key aspects of the simulation include:

  • Managing your service levels across a range of business aspects via key performance indicators
  • Maximising your financial performance each month and for the full duration of the simulation
  • Using good judgement in moving resources from one business aspect to another as required


Participant Feedback

  • I found this a very worthwhile session, I feel that my commercial awareness has increased and I need be looking at the bigger picture when making decisions.
  • Like that you are able to see the direct impact your decisions have on financial figures
  • From playing the simulation it has reinforced the importance of managing your time.
  • Definitely worthwhile and will prompt managers to think more about plans and priorities.
  • Fun experience which gave an insight into the whole business.

Overall Conclusions and Value
We asked Sam Davidson, Group Human Resources Director, Hendersons, who sponsored and provided subject matter expertise for his observations on the simulation:

“Working closely with Dashboard Simulations we have developed a powerful business simulation that allows our managers to run one of our convenience stores for 4 months in a single day. The pressurised, realistic and highly competitive nature of the game brings a unique dimension to the learning.

Sam went on to say:
“We are expecting to gain significantly higher benefits and engagement from this game than other forms of training.”

For More Information:

 A factsheet on MANAGE  is available here

Watch a short video demo of MANAGE below:

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Dashboard Simulations supercharge learning and behaviour change through team-based simulation games which use both intra-team collaboration and inter-team competition to produce significant, measurable improvements in the participants’ performance back at the workplace.

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