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Use game theory to transform the dysfunctional teams in your organisation

A novel and powerful way to view dysfunctional teams in organisations, where there is a lack of shared objectives, poor co-operation and weak leadership, is through the lens of Evolutionary Game Theory. Application of EGT also reveals surprisingly that the most effective long-term co-operation strategy between individuals is not Win-Win but in fact Tit-for-Tat (TfT). […]

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Shiny silos all in a row

Use Business Simulation Games to fix sub-optimal behaviour and silo-thinking

Sub-optimization, also known as “operating in silos” is a massive and common problem in organisations and that’s Bad News. The Good News is that you can use almost any business game to let your leaders, managers and practitioners forcefully experience the consequences of sub-optimization behaviours.   First of all it is called sub-optimization because the […]

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