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Infographic for running an effective Team Game Based Learning (TGBL) Event

Executed well, Game-Based Learning played in teams (TGBL) can enhance the engagement levels, experiential learning and competitiveness of individual games with the power of social learning, team dynamics and collaboration making for a truly memorable learning experience. However, executed naively, TGBL will just entertain or worse still cause confusion and even strife among the participants! In the […]

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Promises: A new business simulation game inspired by the UK General Election

The upcoming UK General Election is the inspiration behind “Promises” – a brand new business simulation game which explores the key skill areas of policy setting, market (e.g. electorate) feedback, focus groups, collaboration and negotiation. The basic idea is that there are 5 teams – each representing a different political party. The first stage of […]

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TrainingZone Article: Can informal learning be formalised without destroying the magic?

I was delighted to write a guest article earlier this month for the excellent online magazine. I decided to explore the fundamental paradox of Informal Learning, namely, whether an inherently self-directed and personal practice can be scaled to benefit a whole community of practitioners without destroying its very essence and magic?   Read the […]

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The 5 key dynamics in a team business simulation

There are 5 key dynamics for a business simulation to be truly successful; Collaboration& Teamwork, Competition, Time Pressure, a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Customisation. The main reasons why I have chosen these 5 key dynamics are highlighted below: 1. Collaboration & Teamwork It is vital within a business simulation environment that delegates establish collaborations […]

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Is customisation the key to creating a business simulation that triumphs against the rest?

  If a business simulation has been customised, this means that it has been modified in accordance with the customer’s individual requirements. A customised simulation gives delegates the chance to take part in training which is industry specific as well as company specific, creating a unique and relatable experience. There are many benefits of customising […]

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Teamwork in the office

What are the benefits of collaboration and teamwork in a business simulation?

Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something, “co-labouring”. In the context of a business simulation this refers to colleagues working together in teams to produce a set of results. Teamwork is the process of working collaboratively with a group of people, in this case the other delegates in the room, to […]

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Why is competition vital in a business simulation game?

Competition can sometimes be viewed as not always necessary in an organisation especially when it comes to training; however I oppose this idea, especially in the context of business simulation games. There are various advantages of creating healthy competition within a business simulation game environment, just like in the real business world: Increases motivation For […]

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“Gamification”, “Simulations” and “Serious Games”: differences defined

Linda King writes a good article in her blog which succinctly describes the difference between these 3 “in vogue” terms. I have extracted a summary below but you should read the full article: Gamification is all about applying game elements (the ‘DNA’ of games) to non-game activities to make them more compelling. Gamification leverages ‘game […]

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