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3 Key Strategies For Improving Practitioner Performance – But Are You Using The Right One?

I have just written an article for Training Magazine Europe where I look at the 3 main strategies an organization can adopt for improving the performance of a sizeable leadership/management community. Often companies are unclear about which strategy they have inadvertently “sleep-walked” into and the fact that there may be an alternative which suits their […]

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Use game theory to transform the dysfunctional teams in your organisation

A novel and powerful way to view dysfunctional teams in organisations, where there is a lack of shared objectives, poor co-operation and weak leadership, is through the lens of Evolutionary Game Theory. Application of EGT also reveals surprisingly that the most effective long-term co-operation strategy between individuals is not Win-Win but in fact Tit-for-Tat (TfT). […]

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The difference between adaptive leadership and operational management

According to the highly acclaimed 1994 leadership book “Leadership without Easy Answers” by Ronald Heifetz there are 3 very different types of decision and learning challenges leaders encounter in organisations: TYPE I DECISIONS – Both the issue and its potential solutions can be clearly defined TYPE II DECISIONS – The issue can be clearly defined […]

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5 things a good Business Game should help us do better

I have been studying a fascinating book A Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster who is Chief Creative Officer (CCO) with Sony Online Entertainment. In one of the chapters entitled “What Games Teach Us” Raph suggests that there are really only 5 things games teach us – Aiming,  Timing, Hunting, Territory and Projecting Power.  This […]

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What top leaders do differently: They resolve the 6 “Meta Dilemmas” better!

I call them Meta Dilemmas because they are dilemmas concerning who we are and our role in the world and are independent of any particular situation. In that sense you could also call them Constitutive Dilemmas (Constitutive: “Making a thing what it is; essential”) as opposed to Situational Dilemmas (see below for more). Read the […]

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Behavioural Economics 101: How we can predict irrational human behaviour

I have been reading about Behavioural Economics (and Behavioural Finance) through the excellent 8-minute summaries from BE explains why we are systemically and predictably irrational in our economic decisions and introduces 2 terms “Bounded Rationality” and “Bounded Willpower” as limits to rationality within which we all operate. Read the full article here. Dashboard Simulations […]

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The 5 Myths of business which can invisibly control our thinking

Strategy and Business Magazine recently published an excellent in-depth article “The Dueling Myths of Business” based on the work of scenario planning expert Betty Sue Flowers who worked with Royal Dutch Shell PLC and the world of big government where she helped draft many influential scenario planning reports. Read the full post here Dashboard Simulations […]

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