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The 5 benefits of Game-based Learning (GBL) for teams

When I interview participants in, and sponsors of, Game-based Learning (GBL) events for teams the benefits they report (directly and indirectly) consistently fall into 5 clear categories. These are 1) Virtual Experience, 2) Social Learning, 3) Resolving Dilemmas, 4) Dealing with Change and Pressure (aka Agility) and 5) Increased Confidence and Ambition.   Virtual Experience […]

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Team-based Simulations as “Multi-Dimensional Learning Platforms”

One of the important benefits of team-based business simulations which is sometimes overlooked is the fact that, aside from the learning opportunities based on the knowledge directly embedded in the simulation, they can also act as great observatories of human behaviour. Simulation participants tend to very quickly forget it is just a simulation, and any […]

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Promises: A new business simulation game inspired by the UK General Election

The upcoming UK General Election is the inspiration behind “Promises” – a brand new business simulation game which explores the key skill areas of policy setting, market (e.g. electorate) feedback, focus groups, collaboration and negotiation. The basic idea is that there are 5 teams – each representing a different political party. The first stage of […]

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Case Study: Dundee Business School Students Become Fashionistas For A Day!

Background to the customer We headed to Abertay University in Dundee, the first University in the UK to be recognized as a Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education, to run our retail fashion simulation CATWALK. The simulation was run with a group of business students from various courses including accountancy and marketing. Customer needs […]

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A blueprint for designing verifiable re-usable business simulation models

The secret to designing verifiable, re-usable, maintainable business simulation models is not to design a single complex “black box” model but rather  4 distinct but interlinked sub-models with a well-defined interface between each of them.                   I call the 4 sub-models: The Empirical Model The Value Model […]

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Shiny silos all in a row

Use Business Simulation Games to fix sub-optimal behaviour and silo-thinking

Sub-optimization, also known as “operating in silos” is a massive and common problem in organisations and that’s Bad News. The Good News is that you can use almost any business game to let your leaders, managers and practitioners forcefully experience the consequences of sub-optimization behaviours.   First of all it is called sub-optimization because the […]

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Case Study: Global medical devices company takes own medicine with Sim-based Leadership Development

Background to the Customer: The customer is a multinational medical equipment manufacturing company selling its products in nearly 100 countries on the back of a long and distinguished company history and a reputation for innovation and customer service in a market which is highly competitive and regulated. Customer Needs To maintain its position as an […]

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Case Study: Top Performance Consultancy use Simulations to Supercharge Customer Offerings

Background to the Customer: The Lane4 journey began on 19 September 1988, when British swimmer, Adrian Moorhouse lined up for the final of the 100 metres breaststroke at the Seoul Olympic Games. Having qualified in the fastest time, Adrian was in lane 4, traditionally set aside for the fastest heat winner, which gave him a […]

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Case Study: Major Automotive Player Accelerates Manager Commercial Acumen using Simulation

Background to the Customer: The company is a global automotive company with an enviable brand and customer loyalty in all its markets including luxury and SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) segments. Customer Needs Like all its major competitors the company operates in a highly competitive and regulated global market and as a result it needs to […]

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