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Infographic for running an effective Team Game Based Learning (TGBL) Event

Executed well, Game-Based Learning played in teams (TGBL) can enhance the engagement levels, experiential learning and competitiveness of individual games with the power of social learning, team dynamics and collaboration making for a truly memorable learning experience. However, executed naively, TGBL will just entertain or worse still cause confusion and even strife among the participants! In the […]

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Values/Behaviour Questionnaires for Short High-Impact Leadership Development Sessions

This article explores how you can create and quickly deliver short Values/Behaviour Clarification Questionnaires to engage business communities on leadership development and change management programmes about key values and the critical behaviours needed to support them in order to improve individual and team performance. The great thing about this approach is that if designed properly […]

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Develop High Performing Team Skills through Business Simulation

In my (The Bumblebee) blog I discuss a simple but comprehensive model I use to help help teams become High(er) Performing Teams. The model addresses 4 key aspects of team performance – Communications, Alignment, Meetings and Personal Support (“CAMP”). The article also provides a link to a free online team diagnostic tool for conducting […]

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Downloadable Business Simulation Facilitators Reference Card

We are delighted to make available free of charge our doubled sided A4 business simulation facilitators reference card. Despite its compact size it summarizes pretty much everything a facilitator will need to know to support a team-based simulation session using Informal Learning techniques. Page 1 describes the role and responsibilities of the facilitator. Page 2 […]

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DBD Diagram

Dilemma-based Design: Managing focus and complexity in business games

The designer of serious business games has two huge challenges. Firstly which particular aspects of an often broad business area should they focus on to achieve the learning objectives. Secondly how to achieve “requisite complexity” in the treatment of the selected area to incorporate the required level of complexity to achieve the objectives but not a […]

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Webinar: Designing Business Simulation Games using iThink

Earlier this week I delivered a webinar in conjunction with ISEE Systems on Designing Business Simulation Games with using the ISEE iThink simulation-building tool. The webinar discusses the key business drivers behind rapidly growing market for business simulation games, game-based learning, gamification and informal learning. I then quickly review a couple of examples live iThink […]

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A Leadership Development Benefits Estimator Tool

How do you justify a specific investment in Leadership Development, such as a business simulation game, in a simple but credible way? Read the full article here… Or just get started! This is a simple approach to Leadership Development Benefits Estimating which should get you started quickly and can be enhanced if you need to. […]

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