Collaborative Project Management – Business Simulation

  • Do your project managers/leaders neglect the people side of project management success?
  • Do people/stakeholder issues seem to get spotted later than they could have been in your projects?

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CPM™ is a Collaborative Project Management Simulation Game which allows participants to take a people-centric approach to project management by viewing any Project as a set of Goals and a set of stakeholders or communities who can either help or hinder the achievement of these goals. The participants must confront the central dilemma of how much of their efforts and resources should go into  trying to achieve the project goals through direct action versus trying to achieve the project goals indirectly by spending effort and resources engaging the key stakeholders/communities. CPM has been described as “Project Management as if people mattered!

Collaborative Project Management

Key Simulation Facts

  • Length: half-day
  • Audience: Anyone involved in  project or programme management
  • Typical Group Size: 12-20

Core Skill Areas

  1. How to develop a people centred view of any project or programme
  2. Assessing stakeholders/communities in terms of their positions and power
  3. Appreciating when to select indirect project actions instead of direct actions
  4. Managing the trade-offs of limited resources and budgets


The Project Scenario can be totally customised for the target organisation.

Special Features

  • Integrates with Role Playing
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • Web or Desktop Delivery
  • Full Facilitation Materials
  • Library of Predefined Project Scenarios