Dashboard launches Campaign: A Sales Bid Management simulation

Dashboard Simulations is delighted to launch Campaign™ – a Major Sales Bid Simulation which allows participants to experience what is involved in engaging a group of key decision-makers in an enterprise in a major competitive bid over a period of 3 months. The simulation also allows participants to experience the importance of the bid process and its key work products.

Some example screenshots from Campaign are shown below:


Campaign, along with Cohort (Change Management) and Chapter (High Performing Teams) are all part of the Dashboard “Influencing Skills” collection of business simulation games.

A common feature of these three simulations is building proficient business skills in “influencing influencers”. Just like the real world, no person is an island and as you directly influence others they will in turn influence their colleagues through their organisational and/or reputational power. So if you make a positive influence on a key influencer they will quickly pass this on to others, however the opposite is equally true – if you make a negative influence they will also pass this on just as quickly!

A second major aspect of Campaign is that as well as influencing key decision-makers you must also manage your bid process effectively to deliver a compelling, complete and socialised proposal to the enterprise to their procurement deadline. Again just like the real world the better you manage your bid process the more effective your influencer interventions will be and vice versa.

To win the sale you must get the decision-makers on board AND deliver the right commercial proposal.

View 1-page Campaign factsheet

Checkout the CAMPAIGN video here:

Dashboard Simulations supercharge learning and behaviour change through team-based simulation games which use both intra-team collaboration and inter-team competition to produce significant, measurable improvements in the participants’ performance back at the workplace.

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