Dashboard Offer


Dashboard offer a powerful collection of facilitator-led business simulation games which deliver team-based high-impact management / leadership skills development using the latest experiential and social learning techniques.

Dashboard simulation games are:

  • More Credible than gaming screens … based on dashboards familiar to all enterprises
  • More Realistic than off-the-shelf business games … designed around your business
  • More Practical than e-learning … not just right or wrong answers
  • More Effective than self-directed learning … much of the learning is social
  • More Engaging than Chalk and Talk … experiential learning and team-based competition
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Each simulation offers immersive learning possibilities in 3 domains:

  • Specific Business Area (e.g. change management)
  • Team Dynamics (as the games are played in teams)
  • Individual Style (as each participant must engage with their team)

What is included in each simulation game?

  • A fully tested computer simulation game
  • A fully timed agenda for every step of the game event
  • A complete set of scenarios and a balanced scorecard
  • Written participant briefing materials
  • Game updates for each round which synchronize with the game
  • A comprehensive game facilitation manual

Learning Models Diagram