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Lane4 is a Performance Management Company whose expertise is in the field of human performance, helping individuals and teams achieve their fullest potential through three interlocking areas of business, psychology and elite sport.

Dashboard and Lane4 are strategic partner for the design and delivery of custom and off-the- shelf business simulations/games to major organisations in the UK and internationally. To find out more about how Lane4 are using simulations with their customers click here.

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mindmill™ provides a Cloud Based Technology Platform which supports the delivery of a sophisticated and accredited set of Psychometric assessments for a range of organisations within both the private and governmental sectors globally.

Dashboard and Mindmill are strategic partners in the TeamPlay™ family of online team leadership simulations.

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Let’s say a business has 20% employee attrition rate and it takes 90 days for a new employee to get to his or her goal performance-level. Do the arithmetic! This means 33% of the employees of the business, at any given point of time, are not performing. PAKRA’s clients have reduced their learning curves by half, increased their employee performance by 20 percentage points and increased customer loyalty by 10 percentage points. They have achieved this through a social and games-based learning and human-capital management SaaS platform that includes (click for more)

Dashboard and PAKRA are strategic partners in an integrated portfolio of team and individual games delivered to clients in the UK, Europe, US and Canada.

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Clever Collaboration Group

CCG are experts in the usage of modern collaboration tools to enhance and deepen the collaboration within organisational teams and get results quickly. The CCG motto is to “unlock the power of people” and can equally well run decision sessions with 10 or 10,000 people.   CCG helps organisations leverage their know-how with ease  – making sure that every voice gets heard regardless of time and place, politics and hierarchy!

 Dashboard and CCG are partners for the design and delivery of business events/simulations/games in Europe and Scandinavia.

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Qualiscope works with French- and English-speaking customers to achieve greater agility and higher performance in the face of continuous change. It uses Agile, Lean and AgiLean change management approaches, coaching and training workshops to support the development of collaborative, high performing project-oriented business processes and teams.

Dashboard and Qualiscope are partners for the promotion of bioteamming approaches and the delivery of custom and off-the-shelf business simulations/games in French, to major organisations in Quebec, Canada and internationally.

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Wisnes OD Consulting partners with organizations across industries and sectors with the purpose of improving organizational effectiveness and co-creating systemic change.

As OD Practitioners, our goal is to support organizations by enabling systemic changes that impact profitability, reduce cost, and promote employee loyalty by offering interventions and solutions customized to address specific client needs. Wisnes OD strive to help clients to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency in 3 key areas – Organization Culture, The Leadership Journey and Teams and Silo’s.

Dashboard and Wisnes OD are partners in delivering business simulation games for management and leadership development in the Indian marketplace.





Taliber Consulting

Taliber Consulting & Education Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization focused on helping organizations, teams and individuals become better and ready to succeed. We work in the areas of Organization Development, Talent Management and Talent Development . We are governed by our core values of Integrity, Customer First & Performance. With the support of experienced associates and international partners, Taliber offers best-in-class products & services that are focused on developing employees, selecting the right employees and increasing the effectiveness of organizations, teams & individuals.

Dashboard and Taliber Consulting are partners in delivering business simulation games for OD and Talent Development in the Indian marketplace.

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