Downloadable Business Simulation Facilitators Reference Card

We are delighted to make available free of charge our doubled sided A4 business simulation facilitators reference card.

Despite its compact size it summarizes pretty much everything a facilitator will need to know to support a team-based simulation session using Informal Learning techniques.

Page 1 describes the role and responsibilities of the facilitator.

Page 2 graphically summarises the key supporting processes and models.

It is designed to be generic and can equally well be applied to leadership development games such as Change Management or High Performing Teams or business acumen games such as Customer Loyalty or Product Market Share.

Just download a PDF of The Dashboard Simulations Facilitators Reference Card here, fire up your trusty laminator and bobs your uncle you are up and running!

All feedback on the card gratefully received

Dashboard Simulations supercharge learning and behaviour change through team-based simulation games which use both intra-team collaboration and inter-team competition to produce significant, measurable improvements in the participants’ performance back at the workplace.

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