Economic Development – Business Simulation

  • Do your policy makers understand the different strategies and trade-offs involved in successful economic development of a region or city?
  • Are you able to ‘what-if’ different strategies and tactics for building a thriving economic region and see the results in real-time?
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EconoMix™ is an Economic Development simulation for exploring the trade-offs in different investment and policy decisions involved in  developing a local economy using computer-based, experiential and social learning techniques.

EconoMix simulates Regional/Local Government Investment decisions over a 5-10 year period with the goal of maximizing the number of citizens in employment and tax earned for the local economy and minimizing the costs of local unemployed citizens plus cost of local citizen sickness.

The underpinning simulation model takes into account key economic cause and effects:

  • Healthcare investment impacts the flow of healthy potential employees into the economy and reduces the annual sickness level (and cost) per citizen.
  • Economic development increases the chances of employees finding jobs and improves the average regional income levels.
  • Educational investment provides new employees and increases their chance of employment, advancement and higher salaries in companies.
  • Public Transport, Arts & Leisure and Services attract new employers and make it less likely citizens will seek employment outside the region or choose early retirement.

Change Management

Key Simulation Facts

  • Audience: Leaders, Managers and other staff at all levels
  • Typical Group Size: 12-20
  • Length: Half-day

Core Skill Areas

Through a blend of doing, discussing and facilitation participants learn how to:

  • Identify the trade-offs and unexpected side-effects of decisions
  • Understand how the consequences of certain decisions only develop over time
  • Appreciate that all decisions can have different implementation strategies which can produce very different results

Special Features

  • Easily customised for the target economy
  • Integrates with Facilitation and Role Playing
  • Web or Desktop Delivery