Operational Risk Management – Business Simulation

  • Do your managers/leaders have a “tick the box” attitude to risk management?
  • Do risks seem to get discovered/mitigated later than they could have been?
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Storm™ is an Operational Risk Management Simulation Game which allows participants to react to a stream of changes in Key Risk Drivers (KRDs) across a number of Key Risk Areas (KRAs) such as “systems”, “people”, “processes” or “customers”. Each KRD has a particular relationship with risk and also a weighting of its importance within a Key Risk Area. The objective of the game is to get to the end of the time period without any major risk losses occurring and within your risk management budget. Operational Risk  Management

Key Simulation Facts

  • Length: 2-4 hours
  • Audience: Anyone involved in business unit management or project management
  • Typical Group Size: 12-20

Core Skill Areas

  1. Scanning the risk horizon effectively
  2. Spotting significant risk changes and trends in amongst lots of noise
  3. Deciding the best risk management intervention strategy
  4. Managing a limited risk intervention budget across many areas in the optimum way for the whole business
  5. The benefits of prevention (early small interventions) over cure (late big interventions)


The Key Risk Areas (KRAs) and Key Risk Drivers (KRDs) can be customised for the target organisation.

Special Features

  • Integrates with Role Playing
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • Web or Desktop Delivery
  • Full Facilitation Materials