With PAKRA® Console you manage the entire flow of the training and performance process, including content and progress. Console offers an easy-to-use gamification interface that measures real work activities, training, coaching and performance throughout your employee’s lifecycle.

PAKRA® Console Agent® Games are serious games of your business processes. They are a fun, proven way to teach customer-interaction skills and provide training for customer service, inside sales, help-desk and tech-support, billing and other high-volume customer-interaction areas, safety, compliance, and Lean Six Sigma. This is learning gamification at its best.

PAKRA® Analytics gives your recruiters, supervisors, managers and trainers, the most up-to-date and comprehensive information that they can use for hiring, placing, coaching, training and for facilitating learning and development of their direct reports.

With PAKRA® Learning Communication System (LCM) your supervisors and trainers manage all learning processes and learning content in a searchable, web-accessible knowledge base.

With PAKRA® Performance Metrics tools, your front-line supervisors and managers get real-time, on-demand measurement of your employee’s work performance, as well as real-time measurement of business process statistics and install gamification mechanisms to help adapt to changes faster.