Patient Re-Admissions Simulation

  • Do your Process Improvement Staff have a thorough understanding of the cause and effects of patient re-admissions based on their own data?
  • Do your QI Staff understand the impact of different types of patient intervention on re-admission rates based on their own data?
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Boomerang™ is a family of two “What-if” simulation tools for exploring how the level of patient re-admissions might be reduced in a specific clinical community.

The first simulation tool (SimA) operates at a general level to explore experientially the timelines and implications of reductions in 30 day ReAdmissions (%).

Sim A provides the insight to enable the planning of specific patient interventions using the second, more detailed, simulation tool (SimB).

The goal of the simulation is to make those interventions which reduce 30-day re-admissions sufficiently so that over the period you are able to fully recover back the extra up-front time/cost to design, roll-out/train and apply them to the target patient community.
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Key Simulation Facts

The simulator allows you to make decisions each month concerning 5 different interventions.

The 5 interventions (which can be changed) are currently:

  1. Discharge Documentation
  2. Medication Double Check
  3. Post Discharge Phone Call
  4. In Place-Of-Care Intervention
  5. Advance Discharge Plan

For each intervention you make 3 decisions per month:

  • How many hours you wish to invest in designing it?
  • How many hours you wish to invest in rolling out and training staff in it?
  • What percentage of monthly discharges should it be applied to?

Special Features

  • Designed with the clinical community
  • Easily customised for the target organisation
  • Integrates with Facilitation and Role Playing
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • Web or Desktop Delivery
  • Full Facilitation Materials & Manual