Policies & Partnerships – Business Simulation

  • Do your leaders appreciate the practical skills needed to design policies through market consultation/research?
  • Do your managers appreciate the necessity to form tactical partnerships with others just to get things done?
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Promises™ is a business simulation game which uses the context of a major political election campaign to explore experientially the key skill areas of policy-making, consultation, negotiation and collaborative partnerships.


Key Simulation Facts

  • Length: 2-4 hours
  • Audience: Leaders, Managers and other staff at all levels
  • Typical Group Size: 10-100

Core Skill Areas

The basic idea is that there are five teams each representing a different political party. In the first stage of the simulation each party tries to win as many seats as possible by tweaking their policies to both maximise their core vote and attract as many floating voters as possible. This takes us to the second phase of the simulation where the party with the most seats is given their chance to try and form a coalition government with one or more of the other parties – under time pressure of course!

However……. the simulation tracks the difference between the parties on their policy positions – which may have become even more polarised in the final mad race to attract voters – thus destroying the chance of an viable coalition! The simulation will not permit two parties to come together in government if their proposed coalition policies have drifted too far beyond the policy positions which got them elected in the first place….. i.e. trying to get into government at any cost!

If a party cannot form a viable coalition within the time limits then the mantle passes on to the party with the second largest number of seats to have a go and so on. The winners are those teams which have successfully formed a coalition representing a genuine compromise between their policies.


Promises™ can be customised for the target organisation and can be applied in either a commercial or public environment. For example, electorate could represent Customers and Prospects,  vote share representing Market Share, policies representing Product Features and coalition meaning “Joint Venturing”. Team briefing notes and supporting papers can be easily customised.

Special Features

  • Real-time instant feedback to teams on large screen and/or tablets
  • Can be integrated into a full or half-day “Policies, Consultation and Partnerships” workshop
  • Integrates with facilitation, role-playing and additional off-sim curricula
  • Full Facilitation Materials, Scripts, Process and Road-Map