Product Channel Optimizer – Business Simulation

  • Are you able to quickly “What-If” decisions about the best mix of products, prices and market channels before you commit to a particular plan?
  • How valuable would it be if you could simulate the impact of different product promotion strategies on your different customer segments before you invest money in them?
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Mixer™ is a Product Channel/Segment Optimizer which allows users to simulate the results of different promotions and pricing strategies for multiple product portfolios and customer segments/channels and to see instantly what produces the best sales and profit margins.

  1. Define your products in terms of their costs, average competitor price, price demand curve, customer base, lead times to sell, market sizes and market growth.
  2. Define your segments in terms of their segment sizes and segment growth rates. Note that Segments can be either Customer Segment Groupings or Market Channels.
  3. For every Product and every Segment combination define the base sales rates and the available promotion budgets.
  4. Make your what-if decisions on which Product Segments you would like to promote and your base selling prices per product.
  5. Mixer uses all your data to automatically calculate the sales and profits for each Product Segment which it aggregates graphically at a Product, Segment and Total level.

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Key Simulation Facts

  • Audience: Leaders, Managers and other staff at all levels
  • Typical Group Size: 12-20
  • Length: Half-day

Core Skill Areas

Mixer allows product campaign planners to:

  • Define different products
  • Define different Segments (Customer Groupings or Market Channels)
  • Deploy products to different segments
  • Identify the most profitable Product To Segment Combinations to optimise Sales and/or Revenue of the whole product portfolio

Special Features

  • Easily customised for the target company products, channels and segments
  • Can be deployed as a programme/campaign planning tool or as an experiential business learning game where marketing teams plan and learn together.
  • Web or Desktop Delivery