A Systematic Guide to Project Management

A modern, multi-disciplinary and community-centric perspective

In this volume, Ken Thompson and Paul Hookham, both experienced project managers, suggest an important new perspective on the topic of Project Management. They suggest that instead of fixating on the tasks and outputs of projects, as we have done historically, the focus should be on the three communities which the projects were conceived to transform. The authors argue that this new community-centric and multi-disciplinary perspective can address many of the high-profile failures of project management we experience and read about today.

The book examines the three key communities of project management- Leadership, Users and Project Teams. It then describes in detail, with lots of practical examples, four key project management practices needed to effectively engage with each of these communities.

The book also addresses the important and challenging issue, how is Project Management practised, improved, learned and up-skilled? The book closes by offering suggestions on  using project management simulations for effective experiential learning on the topic. This is illustrated using examples of real business simulations currently used by major organizations.

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