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Dashboard Simulations provide customised business simulation experiences which are played competitively in teams over a half-day or full day.

If you click on the link further down this article you can play an extended demo of our XSim simulation where you will be a member of the executive team of NetBox – a highly successful global on-line media business.

NetBox is an online video distributor for the latest online movies, music and sporting events.

Your unique value proposition is “you only pay for what your watch” where customers pay zero subscription fees and all your revenue is based totally on the products which they consume in any month on a Pay as You Go (PAYG) basis.

Your aim in the simulation is to exceed your targets (financial and non-financial) over a full financial year split into 4 quarters.

Each quarter you must react to changes in your market and internal issues by making decisions on pricing, operations and organisational health.

At the beginning of each round you will receive a video news report of developments in your market – some of these will be critical and others will be red herrings!

WATCH short Xsim Netbox Tutorial:

PLAY XSim Netbox Simulation Online:

Xsim is a general purpose business simulator which can be quickly customised and branded for different businesses and business models.

The simulation software, great as it is, is only one aspect of the full learning experience which also comprises the design, the competitive/collaborative experience and the social learning with colleagues, subject matter experts and facilitators.

For more information visit or make an enquiry here

Dashboard Simulations supercharge learning and behaviour change through team-based simulation games which use both intra-team collaboration and inter-team competition to produce significant, measurable improvements in the participants’ performance back at the workplace.

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