Strategic Competition – Business Simulation

  • Do your leaders appreciate the power of well-focussed Strategic Thinking?
  • Do your managers understand that any Strategy must be Agile enough to address market condition changes and competitor moves?
  • Do your managers have both Competition and Collaboration in their skills toolsets?

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PlayOff™ is a dynamic 4-team business simulation but played using rules based on Association Football which can be used to explore head-to-head strategic business competition. Four teams play against each other for four rounds in real-time. It is highly competitive, experiential learning delivered in a highly engaging and fun way for a large group.

Change Management

Key Simulation Facts

  • Length: 2-4 hours
  • Audience: Leaders, Managers and other staff at all levels
  • Typical Group Size: 10-100

Core Skill Areas

PlayOff allows teams to develop strategy, anticipate and respond to competitive moves in a head-to-head dynamic environment with very clear winners and losers. It is used to experience 4 increasingly sophisticated approaches to strategy:

  1. Opportunistic Strategy
  2. Fixed Strategy
  3. Reactive Strategy
  4. Strategic Game Theory

PlayOff can also be used to let teams experience “collaborative competition” which is particularly relevant to many organisations and shows up in the conflicts between local and organisational goals and priorities. For more on this topic see “Use Business Simulation Games to fix sub-optimal behaviour and silo-thinking.

PlayOff is also highly effective in allowing players to experience good and bad teamwork and powerful and weak individual styles.


PlayOff can be branded for the target organisation and its rules can be changed between games (for example – how many points for a draw or whether the home team gets an automatic free goal).

Special Features

  • Real-time instant feedback to teams on large screen and/or tablets
  • Can be integrate into a half-day/full day strategic thinking workshop
  • Can be used to host an in-company Strategy World Cup session with up to 16 teams
  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • AutoPlay – the ability for one or more teams to be played by the computer
  • Cloud-based Delivery
  • Facilitation Materials & Manual