Supply Chain – Business Simulation

  • Do managers and prospective leaders need to really experience, in a safe environment, the challenges in successfully managing a major manufacturing and supply chain operation where raw materials costs move with the global commodity markets and demand is subject to winning profitable customer contracts in a highly competitive environment?
  • Is there a need to experience the challenges of operational risk management in a business where failures in reading the markets correctly or managing production capacity can wipe out the enterprise financially for the year in a single stroke?

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Commodity™ is a Supply Chain Simulation Game which allows participants to be part of the executive team running a major B2B manufacturing brand competing in a fast-moving national market over multiple accounting periods. Participants are organised into teams to run a major manufacturing-based B2B Sales Operation for one year and to deal with the key challenges around Raw Materials Procurement, Product Quality Mix, Stock Management and Customer Contract Sales/Relationship Management.

Supply Chain

Key Simulation Facts

  • Audience: Leaders, Managers and other staff at all levels
  • Length: Full-day
  • Typical Group Size: 12-20

Core Skill Areas

  1. Raw Materials Procurement, including forward buying of Commodities with fluctuating prices
  2. Product Quality Mix (varying the recipes of raw materials for different types of end product)
  3. Stock Management, taking into account existing and forecast customer orders plus minimum stock levels
  4. Contract Bidding and Relationship Management for future Customer Contracts in competitive scenarios


The simulation can be quickly customised to the Branding, Products, Terminology, Business Rules and Reporting Structures of the Organisation. It can also be calibrated with Live Data and Business Scenarios.

Special Features

  • Touchscreen Friendly
  • Web or Desktop Delivery
  • Full Facilitation Materials & Manual