The Networked Enterprise – Business Simulation

  • Do you need to get a handle on the issues involved in creating successful collaborative ventures?
  • Are you looking to move beyond purely transactional customer-supplier relationships in your supply chain?
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Based on Ken Thompson’s book “The Networked Enterprise”, NETSIM allows those leading and considering inter-enterprise collaborative ventures and alliances to experience the challenges in making them work successfully before committing resources and time to them for real.

The Networked Enterprise Simulation

The simulation allows players to see instantly the results of key resource allocation decisions in 3 areas over a 36-month period:

1) Adding new companies to the alliance
2) Alliance Business Development & Marketing
3) Alliance Governance – establishing common processes and systems

Key Simulation Facts

Users of the simulator will encounter important dilemmas such as:

– Is it better to grow alliance size to a critical mass before embarking on business development?

– Is it better to start business development and collaborative projects immediately even if you do not have common infrastructures or processes in place?

– What is the optimum balance of resource investment in the three key activities and how does this change with time and stage?


The simulation can be fully configured to represent different collaborative scenarios and start-up conditions.